Iceland: Around Route 1

As I write this, I am sat in a beautiful apartment in Reykjavík going through photographs from the past 8 days, and reflecting on the journey we just completed. We covered over 1000 miles, travelling through volcanic fields of lava rock and moss, past epic glaciers that are slowly shaping the landscape around them, and climbing over snow covered mountains on gravel tracks.

Whilst we were here we also experienced all kinds of weather that the Icelandic climate could throw at us. Through the south coast we experienced heavy showers, thick fog, and even the occasional bit of glorious sunshine, whilst in the north thick snow and flurries transformed the landscape into the winter wonderland that everyone pictures Iceland to be.

Over the next few months, I will be working on my next publication, showing our journey around Iceland and the incredible features of this country. With thousands of photographs to work through, I cannot say just yet when this will be done, but i'm working on it. Stay Posted.

Á svörtum söndum og fjallatindum, fylgjum við leið náttúrunnar.