Josh Jordan

I am constantly learning. This all started with music, and my attempts to take the energy of performance and put it into a photo. From music to travel, I have tried to explore photography, my methods and my surroundings. Every challenge has created an opportunity, a different aspect of a subject that continues to grow.

Design and photography go hand in hand. Telling a story through imagery and composition work the same regardless of the format. I currently work full time as the Digital Communications and Design Coordinator for the University for the Creative Arts Students’ Union.


Degree (BA) in Photography (Contemporary Practice), University For The Creative Arts Rochester

National Diploma in Photography, K College Ashford


"Caught off Guard" (Self Published, July 2015) First Edition of 50, Artist Edition of 50

“On Black Sands and Mountain Peaks” (Self Published, November 2017) First Edition of 50